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Homesick? After Hard School Work,
Let Us Take You To Experience a Different Culture!
想家了吗? 在艰苦繁忙的学业后,让我们带你去体验, 去感觉, 去欢笑
Trips - 游玩
Chinese Student Concierge - 中国学生服务处

We are focused on local newly arrived young Chinese high school or college students


We know that when new young students come to a new place, they struggle with school, the language, the food and the environment.  These Chinese students need friendly experienced guides.  The founder of our company traveled everywhere with her family in this state and across the USA.  We can provide lots of services.

我们知道,当年轻的新学生刚刚来到一个新的地方,他们对学校,语言,食物和环境都不熟悉。 这些新来的中国学生需要一些帮忙。 我们公司的创始人在佛州和美国各地都很熟悉, 我们可以提供很多服务设施。

Our staff has 20+ years of Florida living experience.
我们在佛罗里达住了20多年, 对当地的情况很了解。

There are many fun places in Florida that we can take you.  Avoid the hassle of going alone.  Meet Chinese friends and let us take care of the details.  Our staff has a rich knowledge of local environments, and most of them speak fluent Chinese and English,  so we are very familiar with the good and the bad ways to go see fun places. 

佛罗里达有很多有趣的地方我们可以带你去。 一个人去玩没有意思, 让我们介绍 一些中国朋友,大家一起去玩。 我们对当地环境有丰富的了解, 而且说 一口流利的中文和英文, 所以我们非常熟悉怎样省时省钱去旅游。




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