Customers - 客户

  • Chinese students - After school, want to meet some Chinese friends and go places?
    留学生放学后, 想和中国朋友接触交流?

  • New to the area? - We can help find a doctor, get a driver's license, look for an apartment, etc
    新到一个地方, 我们可以帮忙找医生, 拿驾照, 看房子, 等等。

  • Don't speak fluent English? - need a temporary translator?
    语言不通, 要一个临时翻译?

  • Are you a visitor with only 2 to 4 days in the area ?


We can assist you with all of these things.  Just give us a call, we will help you to plan.   我们会想方设法帮您出谋划策。


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